Lisa Ferrato - Toffee Artisan at the Toffee BoutiqueThere is something special that happens with that first crunch of toffee from Toffee Boutique. It’s nutty, it’s crunchy, it’s buttery, it’s love. Each bite size piece is a gift from our hearts and hands to you.

Toffee Boutique’s story starts in 1982. Our delicious gourmet English Toffee was made as a homemade Christmas present for dear friends and family. Toffee Artisan, Lisa Ferrato, handcrafted and perfected this handmade toffee from an old, treasured family recipe. Her quality family toffee recipe has certainly stood the test of time, and now she has made this labor of love into a booming family owned toffee business!

Our toffee is simply delicious. We pride ourselves for sourcing quality, all natural ingredients. Our toffee is made with premium Belgian chocolate, and our almonds and walnuts are locally sourced from the Mariani Nut Company. Our newest Vegan Toffee has been carefully crafted to be delicious with the perfect crunch using quality animal free ingredients! All of our toffee is gluten free and comes in bite size pieces. We still make our toffee in small batches, with the same buttery crunch. Our toffee is handmade in our kitchen in sunny California in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramento.

With delectable options of Milk, Dark and Vegan (yes, vegan!), your sweet tooth will certainly be satisfied! In particular, our English toffee makes for a great indulgent treat to share with friends, or to be given as a wonderful heartfelt gift for the Holidays. We are always happy to provide toffee for any occasion, so please contact us for Special Orders: corporate business to business gifts, weddings, events and any special occasions. We would love to see what we could do to assist you! We offer different sizes and packaging options of our toffee to fit whatever occasions you are celebrating! You can find our toffee at a retailer near you, or you can buy some delicious toffee online!

We’re very proud to announce that we have been recently received a GMP certification from AIB International, click here to view the certificate.

our toffee is handmade in Sunny California

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